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How To Install Air Condition Cover?

Jan. 19, 2020

Installation method of air conditioner cover

Now more and more communities, office buildings have begun to pay attention to the beauty of high-rise environments, many places have begun to air-conditioned high-rise, installed a fashionable air-conditioning outer hood, which can both decorate and protect the air-conditioning. The alley is hotly renovated, and the aluminum alloy air-conditioning hoods with various patterns and styles are being purchased by more and more people. Then we have purchased aluminum alloy air-conditioning hoods. 

How do we install air-conditioning hoods?

The Fashion wire mesh air conditioner cover is actually very simple. When we install it, we must first place 4-6 screws on the wooden board to fix the position, then attach the air conditioner cover to 4 triangular plates, and fix the air conditioner cover to four stools. Then, hang the aluminum alloy air-conditioning cover and tighten the screws, so that the air-conditioning cover can be successfully installed.

Fashion wire mesh aluminum alloy air-conditioning cover is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which has the characteristics of high strength, easy installation and beautiful appearance. Its main structure is formed by stamping sheet metal from the entire aluminum alloy plate according to the size of the main unit of the modular air conditioner. The large-area opening facilitates the flow of airflow, reduces the direct force of the wind on the air conditioning protective cover, and greatly increases the aluminum alloy air conditioning protective cover Strength of. Overcome the phenomenon of large area exterior wall shutters affected by wind or air pressure in the past.

What can we for AC Cover?

Fashion wire mesh frame is reinforced with reinforcing ribs at the corners. Nowadays, more and more urban reconstruction projects throughout the country have used the Fashion wire mesh air-conditioning outer hood, which has added a beautiful scenery on both sides of the bustling streets and alleys.

With the development of Fashion Wire Mesh Enterprise, the products have been extensively renovated in the old city of the government, including the design and installation of door heads, and have been awarded as excellent enterprises.

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