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1860㎡ Battery Metal Mesh Was Shipped To Finland

Jun. 03, 2019

Micro Expanded Metal For Batteries

Last month, our company received an order for 1860 square meters battery metal mesh. After more than 20 days of production, the goods were shipped to Finland yesterday. We firmly believe that customers will be satisfied with the quality.

Expanded steel mesh is mostly used for decoration and construction, but there is also a micro expanded metal that can be as small as a magnifying glass to see the hole. Generally used in aerospace, chemical, scientific research and development and so on. Since it is a precision product, the production efficiency will be a bit slow. Please the friends who need it to make plans in advance.

Battery Expanded Meta Mesh Specification

This order of battery mesh is made of micro expanded metal . Common specifications are as follows:


MaterialAluminum,Copper,Brass,Nickle,Titanium and other special material
Common Size1. Mesh Thickness:0.1mm                   Hole Size:0.7x1.0mm                       Max Width:300mm2.Mesh Thickness:0.1mm                   Hole Size:0.5x0.7mm                       Max Width:250mm

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