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Perforated Metal Sunscreens and Sunshades

Perforated metal sunscreens and sunshades can be an integral part of a building — enhancing efficiency and aesthetics. Fashion Wire Mesh’s sunscreens and sunshades offer these benefits to a structure:

Reduction of energy costs

Mitigation of heat and glare from the sun

A means for natural light to pass through to illuminate the interior of the building

Abatement of noise and wind effects

Privacy enhancement

Improvement to the aesthetic appearance of the building

Perforated metal is the ideal material for architectural sunscreens and shades:

Greater longevity than any other building material

Can be formed to nearly any shape

Nearly maintenance-free

Available in a variety of colors and finishes

Your choice of perforation pattern and hole size allows you to control privacy and the amount of light coming into the interior of the building. Because of Fashion Wire Mesh's extensive tool collection and experience, we can provide any pattern or hole size you need, even if you don't see it on our website.

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Expertise and Green Design

In addition to more than 10 years in fabrication, Fashion Wire Mesh has expertise in meeting any sustainability requirements, using green design concepts so that the sunscreens and shades can meet LEED and SMaRT© sustainability standards. Two types of sunscreens are available:

Vertical or V-Series Standard Sunshades

This full line of pre-engineered vertical sunshade systems adds beauty and functionality to any facility.

Customized Sunscreens

Anything you imagine can be designed and built to complement the architecture of your building.

Regardless of which type you choose, we guarantee ease of assembly and installation by carefully labeling each part prior to shipment.

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