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Attractive and Functional Partition Systems

Perforated metal partitions bring a unique atmosphere to ordinary interior and exterior spaces. Our unique partition designs help you create the effect you want to enhance the experience of your area.

In addition to setting the right mood, partitions also enable you to create separation between other areas while preserving whatever degree of openness you desire.

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Benefits of Perforated Metal Partitions

Permits light, sound and air to flow through

Enhances the beauty of your space

Can be configured to meet your spatial needs

Flexible and lightweight for effortless moving and storage

Customization allows you to match your partitions to your décor

Durable stainless steel or heavy-gauge aluminum construction

Coated with long-lasting finishes in a range of colors

Easy to assemble

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Why Fashion Wire Mesh?


Fashion Wire Mesh has more than 10 years of experience helping restaurateurs create partitions that heighten the dining experience. Our design team has worked with companies that run the gamut, including corporations and government to restaurants and amusement parks.


We work with the best materials and suppliers in the industry, helping to ensure your partitions last for years. Metals, coatings and paints for outdoor partitions in particular must be carefully selected to maintain their functionality and appearance.

Unique Designs

We work with you to create partitions that set the perfect mood and transform your space into an area that feels different and helps you stand out from the competition. Our designs can be stunning or subtle depending on your needs in terms of noise reduction, function, size, shape, color, perforation size and perforation shape.


Affordable Design Excellence

We know that the restaurant business is highly competitive. Whatever your budget, we can design and produce partitions that give you the greatest possible return on your investment. This is why we have been a leader in the industry for decades.

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