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Filtration Applications for Perforated Metal

Regardless of your filtering requirement, our perforated metal supports filtration media under intense pressure. Fashion Wire Mesh supplies filter housings, screens, perforated baskets or cartridges, perforated metal plates and more for many applications.

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Air — Keeping It Clean

When it comes to air, cleaner is safer. Perforated metal frameworks hold filtration media for:

Cartridge and HEPA filters (with a reusable perforated metal core)

Residential exhaust systems to draw smoke and air contaminants out

Industrial exhaust systems with electrostatic precipitators (air cleaners)

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Debris — Keeping It Out

Perforated metal filtration keeps debris out of radiators, belts and muffler components for the agricultural and automotive industries. Our perforated metal is strong enough to bear a high weight load and designed to protect your machinery from intruders.


Liquids — Just Passing Through

Nonwoven filtration media is held in place by a strong perforated metal frame, able to handle high pressure behind it. Fashion Wire Mesh supplies the following industries:

Food and Beverage

Specialty filter housing is used in this industry. Fashion Wire Mesh supplies perforated metal media for bag filters, perforated metal holders for filter cartridges, and screens for vibratory separators.


We produce stainless steel sludge filters.

De-watering or Dredging

We fabricate perforated metal media to capture undissolved matter, as well as screens for vibratory separators. These are used in pulp and paper industries, utilities, barge transportation, laundry, textile industries and more.

Mining and aggregate

We supply screens and perforated metal plates for:

Fracking: In-field fracking removes oil and water. Fashion Wire Mesh supplies perforated metal that lines the roll-off dumpsters, as well as the perforated metal pipes that handle fracking fluids at high pressures.

Drilling: Shaker screens are made with perforated metal frames supporting a wire cloth laminate to recover the expensive "mud" lubricant used in drilling.

Fashion Wire Mesh has the experience, tools and team to customize any product for your filtration needs. Our products perform well under the pressure of filtration and our customer service and design team hold up under pressure, too.

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